BSL in Museums: Heritage and Storytelling with Sign Language

The Manchester Classical Association & Cultures of Disabilities, Past and Present Network, present:

Dr Ellen Adams (KCL)

Dr Ellen Adams (KCL)

Language and landscape: using British Sign Language in Historic Storytelling

This talk presents a project that explores how the visual/spatial language of BSL can effectively be deployed to present visual and material culture. Having introduced events conducted in the Parthenon Galleries of the British Museum, the talk will focus on a new online site with BSL stories about Holyrood Park (a collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland). The innovative feature of this material is that linguistic notes accompany the presentations, to help people understand how grammar can be spatial and visual, and therefore a powerful mode of communication about art and archaeology. 

Dr Adams is a Reader in Classical Archaeology and Liberal Arts, and has published widely on aspects of disabilities in the ancient past and the present. See her profile here.

This public lecture is brought to you by the Manchester Classical Association and the ‘Cultures of Disability Past and Present’ network.

BSL interpretation provided by ‘Race, Sexualities, Gender and Identities’ research group in the History Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Published by Dr Rosamund Oates

I am a Reader in Early Modern History at Manchester Metropolitan University. From 2021-2023 I have a Leverhulme Research Fellowship to research deafness in Early Modern England. Publications include Moderate Radical: Tobie Matthew and the English Reformation (Oxford University Press, 2018).

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